How Blogging Should Be Like Selling Kiwi

With a little better understanding of retail and marketing philosophies, we may be better situated for making money online! I was sitting around tonight thinking about this whole making money online niche and something occurred to me…we’re working really hard to re-invent the wheel here! The very first rule of retail is this…if nobody is […]

Money Magnet Review

After posting my earlier article on Making WebMoney with Money Magnet, I looked it over and thought… I can do better than that. So here goes. After a bit of my daily web surfing yesterday I stumbled across a new little gem of a WebMoney widget called Money Magnet. It is so simple that it […]

Taking Charge of Your Online Life

One of the interesting changes underway now in the online world is the shift away from anonymity toward personification. I’ve been online now since 1995 and one of the attractions to the Internet has always been the cloak of anonymity created by the screen and keyboard. You could say anything to anybody, claim to be […]

How To Work In the Internet – Part 1

Life In the Internet is about living and working in the connected world. Ok, well how do you DO that? I remember back in the 80’s business Utopia was the Paperless Office! Well that didn’t work out…yet. I was sifting through my Reader feeds this morning and made my way over to a couple of […]