A New Adventure with the Empower Network

After over a decade in the business, it finally occurred to me how to make money online with network marketing… I should combine the power of Internet Marketing with the products delivery of Network Marketing… enter the Empower Network!

Many of you probably don’t know but I spent some time working in the corporate office of a network marketing company in Dallas. It was a very eye-opening experience, especially every month when we produced the commission checks and I had an opportunity to see first hand just how much potential was there.

Fast forward about a decade and I’m hip deep in Internet Marketing, working diligently every day to drive traffic to a host of sites, each offering products for sale. Its almost a hobby at this point to take the latest social network, blogging platform, or other fad and figure out how to use it to drive more traffic.

So recently I came across the Empower Network. I’d been asking myself how to make money online with network marketing? The guys at Empower Network have put together a number of options and packages to help novices and experienced marketers alike build their business with less hassle and more profit. I’ve joined their network to explore the possibilities, try to push the boundaries of their program, and report back on how it all works. Stay tuned for some great info and, as always, comment below if you have questions!

Thanks for reading… there should be plenty more to follow!


About the Author
Thom Rigsby is a Speaker, Coach, and Unashamed Non-Conformist blogging at ThomRigsby.com. To get your daily dose from the business coach, visit 7 Minutes In the Morning

UVMe Ready for Launch!

UVME.com (you vs me dot com) is ready for launch! Its a brand new on-line game platform that changes the way you will play games…forever!

UVME.com has been in beta for a little over a month now and they’re finally ready to launch the site into full production! I’ve been playing around with it for a couple of weeks and got in to do a little beta testing. The games are pretty similar to on-line games you’ve played before, with two big differences.

First, you can challenge your friends (or just find random players) to a game, even games like Arcade Ducks and Fruit Frenzy that you would normally think of as single player games. And now, for the really interesting part…

Of course you can always play for free but if you’re feeling really good about your skills, or just plain lucky, you can play for cash! That’s right! Challenge your opponent to a money game (as little as $1) and if you win, you’re in for some cash! How’s that for a deal, get paid to play games online!

Ok, so what are you waiting for? I don’t know…meet me over at UVME.com and let’s play!

Speaking of a good online MLM opportunity…

There are lots of ways to monetize your life and work at home with your homebased business. One of the best work at home jobs is network marketing and here is one to look at Aprenda Networkmarketing