Make An Event Out Of It

Events are a great way to create buzz around your brand and give you and your F3’s a reason to talk about you. Even if it is something you do all the time anyway, making an event out of it will make it and you sound important! There are a number of good event promotion […]

Make “Secret Offers” Online

One exception to the ten to one rule is for special promotions. Take Sprinkles Cupcakes for example. Each day they post a Twitter update with the “secret word” to receive a free treat or a discount. Here’s a recent tweet: I’d like to have a word with you… The first 50 people to whisper “word […]

Embrace Feedback, Good and Bad

It was fairly late one Saturday evening so I was surprised to be getting a call from one of my clients. After all, he’s a vet… what kind of marketing emergency could he be having on Saturday night? He was in a panic because he had gotten a negative comment on his Facebook page, something […]

Feature Your Customers’ Success

Everyone has a little drama king or queen in them and they appreciate recognition of a job well done. It is this very trait that makes emailing a congratulatory note to a local business profiled in the newspaper so effective. Even if they don’t know you, they like to be recognized. On the social web […]