Make “Secret Offers” Online

One exception to the ten to one rule is for special promotions. Take Sprinkles Cupcakes for example. Each day they post a Twitter update with the “secret word” to receive a free treat or a discount. Here’s a recent tweet: I’d like to have a word with you… The first 50 people to whisper “word […]

Embrace Feedback, Good and Bad

It was fairly late one Saturday evening so I was surprised to be getting a call from one of my clients. After all, he’s a vet… what kind of marketing emergency could he be having on Saturday night? He was in a panic because he had gotten a negative comment on his Facebook page, something […]

Feature Your Customers’ Success

Everyone has a little drama king or queen in them and they appreciate recognition of a job well done. It is this very trait that makes emailing a congratulatory note to a local business profiled in the newspaper so effective. Even if they don’t know you, they like to be recognized. On the social web […]