A Little "About Me" Time

I’ve been thinking about a series for a while now that explains my bio that seems to be floating all over the Internet these days. It never even occurred to me that it needed explaining until I was quizzed on it recently. Since then I’ve refined it a bit, swapped out a few words, and […]

More Changes For Facebook

Just about everyone expect more from the folks over at Facebook to open up most or all of the user-contributed data to developers tomorrow! Its far short of “breaking news” but it does have some pretty big implications for the way we social media folks live and work. First, what exactly does it mean that […]

The Return of Entrecard

I’m not sure if writing about it counts as “fanfare” but … with little fanfare or a do, Entrecard has returned to Life In the Internet. If you are not familiar with Entrecard, (check it out here) it certainly is a great way to build traffic to your site … and with a little work […]

Building My Online Business

Sometimes it takes a good swift kick in the pants to get your attention… …and that’s what I got this week while reading some of my favorite blogs. This site started as a journal of experiences I encountered while living and working in a connected world. Looking back over my last dozen or so posts, […]