2010 January

The Apple iPad — Now What?

So Apple had their big media day announcement yesterday where they finally took the cover off the iPad. The best description I’ve heard so far is that it is a 10 inch iPod Touch. Just like the iPhone, it will have a couple of options for storage capacity and an option to add 3G connectivity. […]

The Web of Tomorrow?

Ben Parr has an awesome post over on Mashable about What the Web of Tomorrow Will Look Like: 4 Big Trends to Watch. One of the things that makes it so totally awesome is that he agrees with me! Here are a couple of the highlights: The Web Will Be Ubiquitous – Always connected, always […]

What’s Your Value Proposition?

Guest Post By: Rod KirbyImage Source: Artquest.org For 2010, my buzz word is value. I’m including it in everything that I do, deliver, and offer. Some entrepreneurs just don’t understand the concept of value – especially, “internet marketers.” The term sends irritating shivers down my spine. The most successful entrepreneurs know that you can’t just spam, […]

What Would Google Do?