How to Format Your WordPress Blog for the iPhone

Hey, yeah, yeah, I know… I’m on vacation at Navarre Beach. But I had to drop a quick post to tell you about what I just found!

Since I crossed over to the dark side and got an iPhone, I’ve been trying to figure out how to format for mobile devices. Since I’ve been browsing with the iPhone these mobile formatted sites keep showing up so there has to be some way to do it, right?

IMG_0164Well it happens that, like most things WordPress, there’s a plugin for that! Its called MobilePress (you can download MobilePress here). It took literally less than 30 seconds to install and works great right out of the box.

There are a few configuration options and even some different themes you can install for MobilePress, sometime after the vacation maybe there will be a chance to play with them a bit. When I do, you can bet there will be a post about it.

If you have an iPhone or other mobile device check it out and let me know what you think. Any and all feedback is welcome and encouraged.

*** UPDATED ***

Well, its taken a little while, but I’m finally getting around to tinkering with MobilePress… and I love it more now than I did at the beach! Themes for it are a little sparce, but that’s ok. What it does with the default theme is super and much better than having to do all that layout by hand!

And of course, if you have multiple blogs, the option to set them all up in MobilePress is awesome. It allows for easy switching from one to the other. The only thing that gets me sometimes is that it doesn’t update posts automatically. In other words, if you make a post with the online interface, then access the site with the MobilePress interface, you have to force a reload… I seem to always forget that!

Overall, it is an awesome app and definitely one you should have in your All-Star Bloggers toolbox!


A Few Thoughts on BarCampChatt…

This past weekend I had an opportunity to attend my first ever BarCamp in Chattanooga (check out Its a New Experience‚Ķ BarCamp Chattanooga!). I promised a recap and so without further ado…

By most reports there were about 75 attendees at BarCampChatt Saturday July 25th with folks coming from Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. The event took place on the campus of Chattanooga State Community College (a wonderful venue by the way!). There were five meeting rooms setup with a variety of topics and speakers. One of the cool things about a BarCamp is its agile, self-defined nature. Speakers sign-up to present of whatever topic they want in the morning and the schedule is posted, even updated, throughout the day. The final schedule for BarCampChatt 2009 will give you a pretty good idea of the wide variety of topics covered.

So which ones did I go to? How interesting that you should ask…

Its a New Experience… BarCamp Chattanooga!

Yep, I’m trying something completely new in the morning. I’m draggin my, um… self out of bed early of a Saturday to make the drive up to Chattanooga for BarCamp Chattanooga. I’ve never been to a bar camp before so I’m just a little unsure what to expect, but hey, that’s half the fun of any good adventure anyway, right?

For those that don’t know (because I didn’t) BarCamp is a network of user defined conferences made up of various workshops and participatory meetings and whose content is all user generated. All attendees are encouraged to sign-up to present on a top of their choice. I may just have to watch and learn this time, but it certainly sounds intriguing! Who knows, before the day is over, I may just come up with something to say! (And no snickering from those of you who know me… and know how ironic that last statement is).

The conference is totally wired, or should I say wi-fi’ed … is that a word? … so you can hopefully expect to get some updates from me via Twitter at least, maybe even a blog post! And with the introduction of the iPhone to the arsenal probably a few pics to boot.

Oh, and Sunday we’re headed to the beach for a few days so … go ahead, envy me!