OK, NOW you can really MAKE money with Entrecard!

HOT OFF THE PRESSES, JUST ANNOUNCED ON ENTRECARD SITE.... Entrecard is Launching a Third Party Ad Network and a Credit Cashout Service

Entrecard will buy back your credits for actual money! Why is this such a big deal? Well simply put, because Entrecard has just been a way to drive traffic until now. And most of that traffic NEVER converted ANYTHING! Well now, you don't need to have them convert, you just need the Entrecard Credits because Entrecard will buy them back from you!

No word yet on what the rate will be, apparently a couple of things with this plan are still up in the air, but its pretty good news in my book! Especially for those "power droppers" that can rack up points pretty quickly!

In the same announcement, the good folks over at Entrecard also put out the word that they are going to be making their ad spots available to outside advertisers in a CPM modes. The revenue derived from these ad sales is what they will use to buy back our credits

I'm sure there will be much debate and much more info coming on this topic. Stay tuned for more!

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  • http://habitationintention.blogspot.com/ DrBurst

    I hate how people are flipping out about this. Entrecard seems like an honest company, just give them a chance, they have helped bloggers so much from day one, they should be able to make a huge profit. But, they don’t they are paying out to you and leaving you ad space.

    It bad to me me through, I’m running a survey in 2 month and paying out credits to drive the sample size up, I wish I could cash in credits. OOO well, I can regain the credits for payout later.

    • Thom

      Yeah, I don’t thing this is a bad thing. And I agree, they are entitled to make money too. I’m just happy they’re gonna share! They could have kept it all for themselves!