Make Real Life WebMoney With Project Payday

After laying off the WebMoney theme for a while, I was inspired by Griz today to think about How To Make Money so I looked around and found my Project Payday membership and decided to get to work... Here goes!

The really sad part is I can't for the life of me remember / figure out how I signed up for it before. So alas, Griz got a referral click from me're welcome!

Project Payday is a IFW scheme for generating WebMoney (IFW stands for Incentivized Freebie Websites). Griz did a much better job explaining this than I could in his post Project Payday Review - What's an IFW | How to Profit but here is the meat and potatoes...

You have all no doubt seen a 'get a free ipod' promo or a 'get paid to take surveys' blurb or 'get paid to shop' advertisement. You know the spiel - sign up for a free or small fee promotion and you will receive a brand new ipod, flat screen TV or whatever. The promo you have to sign up for is usually something like Columbia House CD's or efax or a credit card company. The gist of it is that the website giving away the free ipod gets paid for each person it refers to the vendor (Columbia House pays the website for getting you to fill out the promo offer). It turns out that this isn't a scam as you might first think - I know I did. The website actually gives away free ipods - the catch is that to get the ipod you have to refer 5 or 10 friends to sign up for the new Columbia House promo as well. The website gets - lets pick a number, say $25 - every time they refer someone. They make you refer 5 people to get your free ipod. The website makes $125 and gives you an ipod that they bought for $50. Everyone wins, Columbia House gets 5 new people to bombard with CD's (for the rest of their sorry lives) the website makes a $75 profit and you get a brand new ipod.

All of that is well and good and it is in fact why I signed up for Project Payday many many moons ago, the problem was that I'm lazy and doing all that is a lot of work. I realized today however that there is a much easier way to make a little WebMoney off ol' Project Payday...sign ups.

See the good folks over at Project Payday are willing to pay $1.50 just to get a name and email address (and I don't think they even take the time to verify the address, hint, hint). In other words, if you click on my Project Payday link, enter a name and email address, I get paid $1.50.

Whoop-tee-doo, what's in it for you? Hello... McFly...

I shelled out a grand total on $1.95 today to get signed-up and verified by Project Payday. By clicking on my Project Payday link (or any of the Project Payday ads on the site) you can do the same thing and add this revenue stream to YOUR site(s) and add a little WebMoney to your purse! After all, that's why you / we're here isn't it? Yeah, sure I get a little scratch off of it, but hey, Griz made some off me today so pony up!

*** UPDATE ***

There is a new website out called Project Payday Review. I wanted to give you the link so you had a fuller explanation of the whole program. And in the interest of fair play and equal time Project Payday Scam.

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  • Jane

    Hey this page is awsome. Thank you for your review on Project Payday. After reading this I have a better understanding of it. :)

  • Anonymous

    “I realized today however that there is a much easier way to make a little WebMoney off ol’ Project Payday…sign ups.”


  • Leslie

    I just wanted to add my two cents in so that everyone can know that this is most definitely legitimate. I’ve been using the project payday system since January 18. It took me a little while to get going. In January I made $250, February $500, March and April I made around $750, and then between May and September, I made over $21,000 from these IFWs.

    It’s a legitimate industry that is relatively young, but it’s growing pretty quickly. I have a blog dedicated to how to make money with IFWs and the Project Payday system with a bunch of free information at So after signing up under thom at Project Payday, if you need free tips on how to maximize your potential, you can check it out.

    Thom thanks for the post.

  • David

    Thanks for the info. This sound very interesting and is something to look into.

  • Thom @ Life In the Internet

    Hey Candy, glad you stopped by…and thanks for the drop! Hope you enjoy it. If you’re interested my most recent post, Blogging From the Kiwi Stand is about Vic and what he’s doing. You should check it out too. Later.


  • Christian Ebooks

    cool blog .. I talk to you at blogger unleashed and recognized you when I was dropping off a entrecard… so thought I would say hey …

  • gazomato

    i’m going to look into it…hopefully i’ll get paid for giving out email adress…still trying to look for money in the WEB…

  • Thom

    Billy, Congrats man! Keep it goin

  • Manpreet Singh

    That’s very monetised info :)..I will try it….

  • BillyWarhol

    I made over $1000 my first day!!

    Thank U!!


  • Thom


    Are you kiddin me man…it’s the least I could do! No prob!

    – T

  • Grizzly Brears

    Hey thanks Thom. Btw – I made $3 for your sign up – the more sign ups you get the higher the lead fee. I’m the big kahuna for them – aren’t you impressed. lol.

    They pay the fee because as you mentioned they get 10-15 bucks for getting people to fill in offers for others. It must be working as they have been paying me pretty steady now for months. Oh, if you can generate an average of 3-4 leads a day they will bump you up to the $3 fee. Wow. ha. Obviously you wont get rich but then again I make about a hundred bucks a week off them for doing squat. It’s the easiest money I make given the amount of work involved.

    Thanks again.

  • Thom

    Hey Nate,

    Thanks for stopping by. I think they do that because they operate on the law of averages and know that for every x number of name/emails they collect, they will convert a pretty high percentage of them….just a guess.

  • nate

    I’ll look into it….was just wondering why they pay for a name and email address?